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Monday, December 3, 2012

Toddlers and Christmas Trees

Pin It Now! Toddlers and Christmas trees, just something about the two together that brings worry to us mom's. I hate to hear myself say NO over and over again to my son. I like to focus on what he can do by saying something like this instead "Wait, stop, lets try this" I like to save my stern NO's for when I really need them.
Yes, we have kid friendly ornaments on our tree that we let him play with during decorating. But "don't touch, just look" have become commonly used words when I see him reaching for the tree. He's starting to learn that its okay to touch the ornaments gently but not the lights and not the tree. I have a feeling one day he will turn into a pretty good "NO" negotiator like his father.

Meanwhile, my nice vintage ornaments from my great grandmother are sitting on the sideboard, in a clear glass bowl on display until little guy can be trusted. But that's okay by me, I can still enjoy their beauty without having to worry they will break.

I was planning on buying some Disney Cars ornaments, just for him because we are a big fans of MacQueen & Mater around here. I just never got around to doing it. Now the tree is here and the decorating has begun I knew I needed something for him that was just his and his to do what he wanted with. So I stitched these up in a jiffy.

My materials:
And random product pictures. I cut these images off the huggies pullups packaging and a card board box some books came in from the dollar store.

I sewed the the images to the felt (you can use glue)
then topped off with glue & glitter
add a ribbon for hanging.
Easy, simple and clustered together they actually look quite nice on the tree.
Little hands are all over on these and that's OK that's what they were made for!

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