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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Typical Tuesday

Pin It Now! Its only noon and I'm already feeling defeated. Being someones mom is a huge responsibility. Aside from the the necessities of food, shelter, and clothing we strive for our children to be responsible, disciplined and respectful. One day becoming amazing law abiding, productive adults. HOW does this happen? I am a SAHM of an almost two year old little boy. He is an only child so I try to keep him active in programs where he can socialize with other two year olds. We attend a weekly toddler play gym class. Offered by our local YMCA perhaps you have one near you too?

I loved it until today....

Here is the run down of our class this morning. 40 minute play class and all was going well until boredom struck 30 minutes into it. How does a little boy get bored playing in a gym. After doing the circuit of challenges a handful of times, he's like okay now what? Well the instructor is not amazing, it's like a free for all, no structure, and my son just lost interest. Some group interaction, an attempt at some form of structure play would be nice. So I looked around in envy as the other mom's watched their little ones engaged in the activity.

When out of nowhere my son runs from across the gym, puts two hands on the little boys back and pushes him down to the ground. OK,  parent. I got down to his level, and said "no, no pushing, that's not okay, you hurt him see, you can't push, say your sorry" I apologized quickly, we got our things and I cowed right out of their embarrassed and mortified. That poor child and parent, hurt and upset and all I could offer was an "I'm so sorry." Just doesn't seem like enough. NOW did any of these words actually register with my son, did he understand me? He let out a small sympathy cry and I whisked him away. Maybe my expectations are just too high at this point. I have been told that this is common of two year olds, but when does it end, and when is the lessen learned?

Now this..a little confidence booster...true story..just happened. I was walking my husband out to his car when I heard a little voice calling mommy and banging. After a quick scan of the neighborhood I spotted the little bugger two houses down across the street. A two year old, little boy, banging on the glass storm door for mommy. OK I walked over and rang the doorbell. Mom turns the corner with a smile on her face "OMG I always keep that locked, I was in the bathroom." OK stop right here, if that was my son he would be half way to Canada by now because he wouldn't have stopped to look for me. I would be a in a crazy panic. I hope that she would have come around and seen him standing there soon enough, but you never know. I hope mom and son learned a lesson today. I hope my son and I learned a lesson today. Two year olds cannot be without one eye on them at all times. They create plenty of challenges for us, everyday obstacles we somehow overcome.
Needless to say their are so many different kinds of kids and different  kinds of parents that in the end we all seem to make it work. If you have any helpful advice on how to curb this pushing thing please, I'm all ears! Pin It Now!

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