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Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Christmas Tree vs Fake Tree

Pin It Now! As a child, I always had a real Christmas tree. When my mom was a child, the family would go on Christmas eve to pick out their tree and set it up undecorated. In the night, St. Nicholas and the elves would come decorate the tree and leave presents...this must have been a true delight Christmas morning. This year I want my almost two year old to experience,with most of his senses, everything a real tree has to offer.
picking it out
cutting it down
towing it home
letting it rest
decorating it
smelling it (hopefully he wont taste it)
watering it
cleaning up after it

There are lots of benefits to having both an artificial tree and a real tree. We own an artificial tree that we purchased after Christmas a few years back, on sale. Which is perfect for years that we spend holidays out of town with all of our family. Just because you own a fake tree already doesn't mean you must use it each year. This year we are staying put and love the idea of having a fresh cut Christmas tree in our little home. I cant wait until our home is encased in pine smell.

We are also helping out our local tree farmers buy purchasing a real tree. Millfarm Christmas Trees ...

Looking for a tree farm in your area..this is a great site!

Here is a photo our our "Charlie Brown" tree. The only outdoor lights we would hang would be in the back yard. On this tiny pine tree that we could see while watching the fire (ah wonderful memories)
cause really why do we put lights on our house...for our neighbors enjoyment or our own?

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