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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where to find a Fort and Moat....

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It is often said that the best things in life a free! I am a firm believer of this. Yesterday, the weather was warm, a hint of spring in the air and so out and about we went.

We ended up strolling at Fort Monroe, now a National Historic site in Hampton, Virginia. Previously a military instillation. The old brick buildings are dreamy, brings you back in the day.  It was stunning, the grounds are well kept. A beautiful view from the peninsula to the Chesapeake Bay. A hidden Hampton treasure. You pass thru the town of Phoebus to get here, quaint and small a few restaurants and a couple of antique shops.

History buff????Fort Monroe played a large part in the American Civil War with visits from Abraham Lincoln, improvised confederate president Jefferson Davis, and a young Robert E. Lee was stationed here. While not always called Fort Monroe its importance in history and location stretches back to the days of John Smith (1610-2011).

Interested read more here...

A cool ride over the moat!

This rope tied to this old tree was so inviting..we will try it out next time.

Do some fishing...

Have a lovely Sunday brunch, a wedding, a special event at the Chamberlin Hotel
 (large brick building in background)
Plane and ship watching...last time we saw a submarine surface!

Visit the Casemate Museum (FREE) walking tour, download a tour.. candlelight tour

In the summer joing ion the the fun of the Fort Monroe Concert Series

Walk the beach

They have a nice paved, walk way perfect for toddlers and strollers, lots of free parking, a couple of different playgrounds.
Looking for more information try here....
Map and information on the walking tour

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