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Friday, February 1, 2013

Vesties Team Sale

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Dear Friends, 
Vintage Etsy Society Street Team is having a Sweet Sale! Running February 1-15th. The 40+ participating shops can be found here...

You don't want to miss out on some of these beauties...Use coupon code SWEET15 at checkout to save 15%
The Little Things Vintage.....

Vintage 1960s Floral Wallet Clutchette Makeup Case

SALE Vintage Mushroom Desk Lamp Upcycled Turquoise

Vintage Lady Pepperell, White Flat Full Superfine Muslin Sheet 81 x 108

Anitque stained glass fragment 1900 - 1920's handpainted blue / green glass from chapel in Chicago

Vogue Picture Records, Blue Set, R725 and R726, 1940's, Beautiful

Rustic Red and White Tin  Collectible Home Decor Benne Bits Cookie Souvenir Box Byrd Cookie Co.

Pyrex Ivy Cinderella Mixing bowl white green

Vintage Estee Lauder Victorian Royal Enamel Blue Hexagon Compact Collectible with Powder

Vintage Enamelware  Boxed SET with rack 3 piece melter server SAUCI set unused Mid Century

Vintage holt howard 1960 wood canister set

Sun Drop Cooler, Retro, Sale, Vintage Picnic Cooler, Yellow

Vintage Brasilian Glass Storage Containers for Your Goodies

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  1. Awesome blog! Great sales too! Love the vestiesteam!!

  2. LOVE It! Thank you for promoting the sale and I hope you have some sale success too! you are appreciated!


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