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Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Sweetheart....

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So here we are in February, Valentine's day is just around the corner, along with my husbands birthday. He is a Valentine baby, so we spend the day celebrating him. I can't wait to give my son his little Valentine's and watch him sing Happy Birthday to daddy. It's the little things that count. In the spirit of the day at least share an "I Love You' with someone important in your life...

What to give a toddler for Valentine's Day?? Especially when they have no clue as to what it means or what it is. First off start at your local library they have a wonderful selection of seasonal books. I learned that you have to get there early they tend to check out fast as the holiday approaches. So a few new reads about the holiday. My little one loves Curious George, so he would love this one..on amazon

A simple craft of X and have to start somewhere right? What better way to be practicing letters! You can use multiple house hold items to recreate an O...toilet paper roll, circle shape them that Os are everywhere...go on a search to find them around the house. Use finger paint to stamp them on a paper. For the X you can show how to cross with the edge of cardboard. Practice making lines...more about a heart tic tac toe game on a dry erase board? Keep it simple, no need to overwhelm with fancy crafts..go with the flow and enjoy your time spent creating together!

A gift? Our go to gift has been Dollar coins  we use them on all of these little holidays, for his piggy bank and hoping to instill some lessons on money here in the future.

Here is a collection of vintage toys I curated for your little tot
"For Your Littlest Valentine"
vintage baby shirt with embroidered train 9 months

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The Little Things Vintage
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