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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

first birthday party decoration ideas

Pin It Now! We sure did celebrate Everett's first birthday right. We had a huge crowd of family here to our new place in Virgina. Our first time having company and it was especially sweet for my son because he already misses his family. Here are a few snap shots of the decorations and food. Simple and inexpensive!

First birthday number from crepe paper and surrounded by month milestone pictures. Also his foot prints. A copy from the one taken at the hospital and one I did a few days before his birthday. Make sure you use a washable safe inking pad.
First Birthday Boy Balloon
Checking out his birthday boy balloon and sporting his "My First Birthday" onesie..purchased by Grandma xo

Party foods...crackers and cheese on a wooden cutting block. Identified with homemade cheese markers made from wine corks cut in half. I typed up the cheese names, cut them out and glued them to the cork. Stuck into the cheese with a toothpick.
Yummy rainbow fruit platter. strawberry & watermelon, oranges, pineapple, green grapes and blueberries. Simple and everyone enjoyed. tip- using a pineapple corer makes this a cinch to do!
Streamers hung in the doorways

balloon banner (easily hung by eric with 3m hooks) just balloons tied together on a piece of yarn. Eric blew the balloons up using the air compressor and that too was a huge help.

everett loved these streamers..we even did the stairway in the background

we even bought a bubble machine. meowzer and everett had a blast with this one. we can reuse for other birthdays, bath time, and outdoor play

smash cake..homemade vanilla cake with homemade chocolate whipped frosting &
special party hat

everyone wore their party hats...happily too :)

we bought a birthday boy banner that we plan to use each year by covering the one with the new age. you can see my sun on the far wall above the present table.

"list five of the many places Everett has been during his first revolution around the sun" something fun for the guests to do. We didn't get a close up of it on the wall but we provided sticky notes and everyone shared places and stuck them on the rays.
pinwheel party picks from pier one and party blowers in an old planter

the sun again

my handsome one year old xo

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